The Winter's Tale - December 2017, directed by William Wolfgang

CLICK HERE FOR DETAILED AUDITION INFORMATION.  Auditions are October 23 & 24 at The Barn at Tall Fir Acres at 6pm.  



Three performances at Dover Area High School: December 8 at 6:30pm; December 9 at 2:30pm & 6:30pm.


Written in the twilight of Shakespeare's illustrious career,  this romantic masterwork blends the genres of tragedy, comedy, and the early beginnings musical theatre in a way completely innovative to the Elizabethan stage.

Framed by the personification of Time, this tale takes us on a journey from the icy depths of winter into the beautiful rebirth of spring.

 Polixenes, the King of Bohemia, has been visiting the kingdom of Sicily, ruled by his childhood best friend Leontes, for nearly nine months. As he prepares to return at last to his own kingdom, a falling out between the two regents endangers the lives of Polixenes himself, Leontes' Queen, Hermione, and her soon-to-be-born infant. The jealousy and wrath of a King still gripped by the weaknesses of youth threaten to destabilize all of Sicily as Hermione seeks to save her child, even if it means her own death.