Our History

In 2008, a group of young local residents in Dover aspired to create a home-grown artistic movement that eventually blossomed into OrangeMite Studios.  Since then, under the artistic direction of William Wolfgang and oversight of the organization’s Board of Directors, OrangeMite has continuously provided the community with opportunities to experience all dimensions of music and theater.  Every aspect of these artistic and educational events is planned, organized, and executed by local volunteers of all ages, who share a love of the arts.

The Dover Area, located in Northern York County in South-Central Pennsylvania, is fortunate to have a strong arts program present in the local school district.  Upon graduation from high school, many individuals became isolated from the world of theatre or music that was such a vital part of their lives while in the school system.  It was this need that led Mr. Wolfgang and the original board to found this 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in January of 2009 after group’s first performance of the original musical, In the Globe, in August 2008.

Since then OrangeMite has offered a wide range of community arts iniatives including performances of original musicals and plays, a community orchestra and choir, along with theatrical and music education programs.  Currently, the OrangeMite Shakespeare Company is preparing to produce its 19th play by The Bard, placing the organization halfway through completing the entire Shakespearean Canon.