MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING - July 2018, Directed by Quinton Laughman

Auditions will be held April 22nd and 23rd, at 7 pm at Dover Community Park - 2481 W Canal Rd, Dover, PA 17315

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Audition Details

Sunday the 22nd will be auditions specifically for Benedick and Beatrice, however, if you can only make the Sunday audition please send us a message, and we will get you in contact with the director. Likewise, contact us if you would like to try out for Beatrice or Benedick and cannot make Sunday. Monday auditions will be for the rest of the cast and Tuesday will be used for callbacks. (Character list is below)


All of the performances will be away from the barn, outside, and will require travel to the sites; transportation can be arranged if needed. A final rehearsal schedule will be established once a cast is formed. 

Currently, there are three performances of the show:

  • July 7th - Dover Community Park
  • July 13th - Cousler Park
  • July 14th - Brown's Orchard

character information

Beatrice - FEMALE - Age: 30 - 50's
Beatrice is a strong-willed woman, with a sharp wit and spirit. Locked in a war of wits against Benedick, she often wins the battle. She appears content never to marry, however, she is in love with Benedick, just unwilling to admit it. 

Benedick - MALE - Age: 30 - 50's
Benedick is full of energy, humor and honesty. He is quite charming, always making jokes and puns and uses this to hide his love of Beatrice  

Claudio - MALE - Age: late teens - 30's
A young soldier, Claudio falls in love with Hero. He is naïve, easily manipulated, wears his heart on his sleeve, and reacts emotionally without thought.  

Hero – FEMALE - Age: late teens - 30's
The beautiful young daughter of Leonato and cousin to Beatrice. Hero is lovely, gentle, and kind. She portrays a wide range of emotions throughout the play.

Don Pedro - MALE - Age: 30's - 50's
Don Pedro is Prince of Aragón and a longtime friend of Leonato, Hero’s father. Don Pedro is generous, courteous, intelligent, loyal to his friends, and very charismatic.

Leonato - MALE - Age: 40 - 60's
Leonato is the father of Hero and the uncle of Beatrice. He is also Governor of Messina, second in power only to Don Pedro.

Don John - MALE - Age: 20's - 40
The illegitimate brother of Don Pedro, also known as “the Bastard.” He is the villain of the play; his actions are motivated by his envy of his brother’s authority.

Margaret - FEMALE - Age: late teens to 30's
Hero’s serving woman and lover to Borachio. Margaret is lower class, full of life and a bit sassy. She unwittingly becomes involved in Don John’s plot.

Borachio - MALE - Age: 20's - 30's
An associate of Don John. He conspires with Don John to trick Claudio. His name means “drunkard” in Italian.

Conrade - MALE - Age: late teens to 30's
One of Don John’s close associates, entirely devoted to Don John.

Dogberry - MALE OR FEMALE - Any age
The constable in charge of the Watch of Messina. Dogberry isn't the sharpest tool in the shed but fully devoted to the job. Comedic timing is a must with this role.

Verges - MALE OR FEMALE - Any age.
The deputy to Dogberry. Equally awkward.

Sexton - MALE OR FEMALE - Any age
Local official who leads the trial against the villains.

Antonio - MALE (POSSIBLY FEMALE) - Age: 40's - 60's
Leonato’s elderly brother and Hero's uncle. He is Beatrice’s father.

Balthasar - MALE (POSSIBLY FEMALE) - Any age
A waiting man in Leonato’s household and a musician, this role includes singing.

Ursula - FEMALE - Age: Late teens to 30's
One of Hero’s waiting women.

Friar Francis - MALE - Any age
The priest who married the lovers, and is the voice of reason in the show.

Watchmen – MALE AND FEMALE - Any age
The “police” force in Messina who uncover the villains’ treachery.

Musicians – Anyone who can play an instrument.
They will accompany Balthasar and play during the show.