OrangeMite Studios is doing the best Shakespeare you haven’t seen.
— Marakay Rogers,


Shakespeare in the Barn takes place at The Barn at Tall Fir Acres. The program brings The Bard’s plays to life in traditional Elizabethan style complete with vibrant period costumes and theatrical conventions reflecting the time.  It has been the principle program for OrangeMite over the last nine years and has provided York area unprecedented access to the work of William Shakespeare and other classical dramatists.

 Becca Lease as Roxanne and Calvin Emery as Christian in the 2015 production of  Cyrano de Bergerac .

Becca Lease as Roxanne and Calvin Emery as Christian in the 2015 production of Cyrano de Bergerac.

The OrangeMite Shakespeare Company performs in an intimate setting reminiscent of Shakespeare’s own Globe, simply known as “The Barn.” The beautiful wooden architecture of this venue envelopes the audience, and takes them to another time and place.  A trap door, a balcony, ladders, and several different doors, each with their own purpose, enhance an already spectacular and unique theatre experience.

To view our past productions check out The Canon for more information on timeless tales OrangeMite has brought to life your community.


The meeting of the three weird sisters in Macbeth featuring Jaci Keagy, Cassi Ney, and Barbara Lomenzo.

Local actors of all age ranges and ability levels have participated in The Shakespeare in the Barn program throughout the years.  Open auditions are held for available roles before each production.  Please see the 2018 season for dates.  Each production has different casting needs, and the roles are filled accordingly.  If you are interested in auditioning for a role and have questions regarding the requirements please email the artistic director, Collins Wilson at