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Henry IV Part ii

In this second part of Henry IV, the rebellion continues as King Henry’s health deteriorates. Falstaff continues his antics, hoping to once again win favor with the young prince, Hal. The prince, now at a crossroads, must decide what kind of man and king he will be: one that continues the mission set forth by his father or one that continues to joyfully consort with the rogue Falstaff and his company.

Show dates and times:

November 2nd and 3rd at 7pm

November 3rd and 4th at 3pm

All performances will be at Dreamwrights - 100 Carlisle Ave, York, PA 17401

For tickets, click here.


King Henry V - Jeffrey Gilbert

Falstaff - Joseph Durika

Prince Henry* - Brian Gilbert

Archbishop of York/Pistol/Peter Bullcalf - Ryan Swzaja

Lord Bardolph/Bardolph/Lady Northumberland - Megan Garbrick

John of Lancaster*/Poins - Stephanie Via

Lord Chief Justice/Lord Mowbray/Mouldy - Pasquale Grasso

Lord Northumberland/Justice Shallow - Collins Wilson

Westmoreland/Morton/Shadow - Kyle Rossi

Lord Warwick/Lord Hastings/Feeble - Randy Kerr

Mistress Quickly/Duke of Clarence* - Felicia Williams

Lady Percy/Rumor/Fang - Kaitlyn Fowler

Travers/Harcourt/Messenger//Peto/Davy - Rachel Ream

Doll Tearsheet - Melissa McGinley

Silence/Duke of Gloucester* - Huy Nguyen

* denotes sons of King Henry IV