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The 2017 DYSA Informational Flyer

Dover Youth Shakespeare Academy Focus

Kinesthetic Movement - This comedy allows for ample action in the form of physical comedy, such as fights between characters, which allow participants to kinesthetically experience the production without having to immediately learn lines. There are also opportunities for dancing and singing in this production. This gives individuals who learn in a more hands-on manner the chance to start right away.  Choreography also presents students with another key aspect of live theatre.  

Crafts and Design – Many students and parents cited the value of making their own props during the program this year.  Students worked exceptionally hard to make their props relate directly to the character they were portraying on the stage.  Participants enjoyed painting and molding the food and plates for the banquet scenes and the nymphs enjoyed creating their own wands, which they used quite frequently throughout the production.  This show will allow for similar design opportunity, and presenting the chance to expand upon their existing abilities.